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    Gunawan Jusuf is the President and CEO of the Sugar Group Companies (CEO). The Sugar Group is a group of companies based in Indonesia that work together to make and process sugar for sale on the market.


    He is an expert in his field and has helped many Indonesian products do well in their home country and worldwide. The Sugar Group Companies own a lot of plantations in the Lampung Province of Indonesia. Jusuf is in charge of ten more offices all over Indonesia run by other people. Over the years he worked in Indonesia's farming and manufacturing industries, Jusuf learned how to simultaneously lead multiple teams to success.


    As CEO and President of the Sugar Group Companies, he works to get many plants and offices to work together. Because of this, the business is making more money and doing better than ever. Jusuf's strong leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills always help the Sugar Group Companies do well.


    The Sugar Group Companies is a business still doing well in Indonesia. Jusuf has been able to help businesses make money and reach goals that executives used to think were impossible for a long time. Most importantly, Jusuf was the main reason why Gulaku grew so quickly. Premium refined sugar is one of the most well-known consumer brands in the country.


    Sugar Group Companies is one of the largest sugar companies in the world right now. Under Jusuf's direction, the business is in charge of every step of making the product, from growing and refining to packaging, marketing, and distributing. Gunawan Jusuf has worked to make the business successful so it runs like a well-oiled machine.


    In addition to Gulaku, the Sugar Group Companies also sell JJ Royal Coffee and other well-known Indonesian brands. Since he was a young child, Jusuf has been driven to do well. He was born in Indonesia, but he moved to the United States to go to school at California State University Long Beach.


    This is where he learned that he liked doing well in business and had a lot of other academic interests, like making things, marketing, learning the English language, and more.


    The CEO of the Sugar Group Companies just released a book called "Blue Gold". The story shows how important water is to life on Earth and how there will soon be a water shortage in Indonesia and other places. Jusuf's work has given him a unique view of water's importance both at work and in everyday life.


    The book goes into depth on a simple discussion of water's importance. Water is needed for sugar cane to grow on Jusuf's many plantations and refineries, for high-quality goods to be made and for the business to keep doing well. Throughout the book, the company's success greatly affects Gunawan Jusuf's view on water scarcity.


    A Renaissance man, Jusuf. Even though his business success is well known, not many people know about his many other achievements. Jusuf is a devout Catholic who gives money to many Catholic organizations. He was lucky to meet Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II, who died in 2005.


    Molasses is a waste product that comes from making sugar. We used this to make the cleanest ethanol we've ever made. In 2012, we put in an application for ethanol with the California Air Resource Board. It got the cleanest ethanol rating from the CARB (California Air Resources Board Had ever verified)


    He started the Terawatt Initiative, a group whose goal is to change how energy is made so that it is more reliable, affordable, and long-lasting. Here are the seven main goals of the Terawatt Initiative:
    Rethinking leadership to find solutions as a group

    Reduce confusion and encourage people and businesses to take risks on energy solutions that are better for the environment. To get your point across better, tell a clear and interesting story.


    Regulations need to be looked at again to reach a goal of fewer than 2 cents per kWh. The trillions of dollars set aside for the current energy system should be moved to the new energy system.


    Gunawan Jusuf and much other business, energy, financial, and technology visionaries are always working together to make the Terrawatt Initiative successful. They want to find answers to the tough problems that make it hard to make sustainable energy solutions.


    Overall, the goal is to end the world's use of fossil fuels in about ten years. Jusuf, on the other hand, had never given up before he was successful. He also gives money to the Sugar Group Schools, which was started by his late mother and is now run by his sister, Purwati Lee.


    The group was started in 2005 to help parents who work in the sugarcane fields send their kids to school. Even though these schools are in rural areas, they are not like most rural schools in Indonesia. The bilingual programs, held in rooms with air conditioning and WiFi, encourage kids to do well through the polytechnic level.

    More than 1,900 children of Sugar Group workers go to school for free at Sugar Group Schools. Children are given free uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and two meals daily. Universities give full scholarships to students who do well in school.


    Gunawan Jusuf's support of the Sugar Group Schools shows that he wants to make life better for the next generation of Indonesians. With his many business and charity projects, Jusuf is always making progress. In the coming years, people in Indonesia and elsewhere who care about these issues can expect the Sugar Group Companies to push for more environmentally friendly ways to make things, better local education options, and many other good ideas.